That’s Brisk, Baby

A questionable base hit by Evan Longoria ends Garrett Olson’s quest for a no-hitter. Alex Cintron, having a terrible game at shortstop, misplayed a hotshot and let Longoria reach on the hit. Just as I finished typing that sentence, Rocco Baldelli breaks his bat and commits the final two outs of the inning as he grounds into a double play.


You’ll never believe who started the twin killing..


Cintron, of course.


O’s lead 2-0 as we briskly move into the 5th inning,


Section 374-388 Update: We have people! A group of about seven are sitting in the front row of section 382. If they stick around for the second game, we’ll make sure to talk with them.


Press Box Update: A die-hard Orioles fan calls to MASN announcers Tom Davis and Dave Johnson in the press box and expresses how much he enjoys their commentary. Davis then takes the rest of the half inning to talk with the fan about Orioles baseball. An absolute class move when most would just wave and turn the other way.


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