Live Blogging The Double Dip

There’s usually an infusion of cold weather around baseball parks in late September that makes the avid fan and novice passerby think the same thing. The playoffs will arrive shortly. In a window that lasts just under a month, the best in the game show why they waddle through a 162 game season. They want a ring.


The Orioles of 2008 won’t even play 162 games. Thanks to a rainout in early September against Oakland, the commissioner’s office decided to cancel a make-up game. It’s not like Baltimore needs the game anyway. Loafing in last place in the A.L. East, the O’s are the second worst team in the American League.


My father has this wonderful saying about the Orioles that he says to anyone who will listen: “Thank God for Tampa Bay.” This needs to be amended now, Dad. Tampa clinched a playoff spot before Boston and still threatens to win the division before the end of the week. Baffling everyone on their road to somewhere, the Rays play the game the right way. Tampa can win close games, slugfests and come from behind against the best in baseball. Currently, they sit as the second best team in the American League.


The longest of long shots gets to play in a month reserved for other teams.


Before we get to October, we must play out the rest of the regular season. Join me later this evening as I blog live from Oriole Park for both games of the doubleheader. I’ll take you inside the press box for the first game and talk with some of the fans around Oriole Park for the nightcap.


It’s a beautiful day to play two, isn’t it?


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