Are We There Yet?

It doesn’t sound difficult. Get on 83 South, make a couple of turns and you arrive at Oriole Park. Well, everyone but me. Never one to truly grasp the beyond simple nature of following directions, (on the road or otherwise) I got lost on the way to my alleged home ballpark. Not a great way to start off the extravaganza known as the live blog.


I made it to Oriole Park around 4:00 and I’m currently watching batting practice as the somewhat spritely Orioles shake off the collective rust known as the 2008 season. On the plus side, the pregame music has featured “The Devil Went Down To Georgia” and “Sweet Home Alabama.” I guess it’s geography day down at the Yard.


While we all wait for the first game to start, check out this website that addresses the number one concern in the NFL – when will Lane Kiffin get the ax? Make sure to click on You’ll thank me later.


Your starters for Game One:


James Shields (13-8, 3.61 ERA)


Garrett Olson (9-9, 6.75 ERA)


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  1. Right now that’s the best website ever. Later, maybe not so much.

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