Gutter Ball


Does Kyle Boller’s joke of a career end like this?


 Boller suffered a shoulder injury deep into the preseason loss against Minnesota on the same night that Michael Phelps broke the Olympic record with eight gold medals. Everyone remembers Phelps. Not many people knew that Boller even suffered an injury against the Vikings.


The quarterback from the University of California, with more attention focused on image than accuracy, now spends the season on a place where most Ravens fans want him to occupy – the bench.


Always answering every question in each postgame press conference, Boller comes across as a pleasant guy. He’s a guy that you want to hang out with at a bar and critique other quarterbacks with over a drink or two. It’s too bad that Boller would even fumble a shot glass.


In six seasons with the club, Boller has one more touchdown than interception. That’s laughably bad. Unable to merge with any offensive coordinator or show consistent signs of leadership, Boller remains the wart on the Ravens franchise. The team doesn’t want to admit that they screwed up selecting a “can’t miss” quarterback in the first round six years ago.


This transitions nicely into Sunday’s game against Cincinnati. Rookie quarterback Joe Flacco will start the game for Baltimore.  Trading up in the draft this year for the quarterback of the future, the Ravens are finding out that the future starts in a handful of days.


By all accounts, Flacco looked worse than Boller in the preseason.


Expect a long year at M&T.


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