Time Of His Life

Look at the lyrics or take a listen to David Cook’s hit single “Time Of My Life” and tell me the first person that pops into your mind.


Maryland swimmer Michael Phelps continues to taste every minute and live it out loud at the Beijing Games. Completing the trifecta of three gold medals perfectly paired with three world records, Phelps swims into his own class.




Can anyone catch this record setting phenom? The simple answer is no. Phelps continues to collect more gold on his summer vacation than J. G. Wentworth. Breezing past the rest of the field in Saturday’s 400-meter IM, Phelps became the liquid version of the Olympic torch. He flat out burned the rest of the field. Freestyling his way past the best in the world, the fan of rap music busted out of the pack and remixed his way towards another gold medal.


What do to for an encore? Simple, just create the image of the Olympics. Yelling for his teammate Jason Lezak to hit the wall before the French relay team, Phelps collects his second gold of the meet in the process.


When Phelps and his teammates created a Getty Image for the ages I kept thinking about how many apartments sounded like mine. Screaming at the television at an event that I see every four years, I wanted the American team to smash France. Apparently I wasn’t the only one in my Mays Chapel apartment watching the Olympics. The elderly couple in apartment 204 screeched so loudly that I thought the smoke alarm went off as the field took off for the final 50 meters.


That’s why sports – and the Olympics in general – are must see TV. What other sporting event brings together the young and old and makes them care about competition that many people don’t know about?


With five more nights of swimming, and five more chances for history, Phelps waits to become the greatest athlete in the history of the Olympics.


How was your summer vacation?


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