When A Win Looks Like A Loss

Imagine a job that nobody wants to win.


Does anyone want to be the head food tester at a plant that produces sardines? How about a personal caretaker of a great white shark? Perhaps a lifetime spent on teaching old English?


All of these professions seem easier to perform than a starting quarterback for the Baltimore Ravens. Absolutely nobody wants the responsibility of becoming the lead signal caller for that club.


Don’t believe me? Take a look at some of the stats from Thursday’s preseason game in New England. Kyle Boller easily performed better than the other two quarterbacks combined against the Patriots – finishing with a fumble and an interception. That’s not exactly acting like the cat’s meow.


Boller’s problem that lingers through his NFL career resembles a saying from a Chinese fortune cookie: the only thing consistent about his play is inconsistency.  Finishing his quarter and a half with 102 passing yards and only four incomplete passes, Boller looked serviceable. It’s the mental blunders that continue to dog the quarterback that will never live up to his potential.


Troy Smith’s night in New England looked like a group of single guys who can’t pick up anything on a Friday night. Smith arrived at the proverbial bar, had a good time with his buddies, but didn’t leave an impression with anyone. Lasting just under two quarters, Smith threw more incomplete passes and only dazzled Ravens fans with a 30 yard strike over the middle to Darnerien McCants.


That brings us to Joe Flacco. The rookie quarterback from Delaware still needs to complete his first pass in the NFL. Already with a sack against him and a lost fumble, Flacco obviously needs to look at more tape before he can perform at a high level. I’ll reserve a complete lambasting on the first round pick for a later point. Right now, Joe don’t know football.


Now you know why the Ravens won’t name a starting quarterback until the end of the third preseason game.  


One Response

  1. Boller looked like Boller, Smith looked like the same Smith we saw in the final games last season, and Flacco looked like what you’d expect from a I-AA QB getting his first taste against (third and fourth string) NFL players.

    It’s going to be a tough year to swallow for Ravens’ fans, as there is no “win-now” solution at Quarterback, and the O-Line will have the consistancy of cottage cheese (no-fat, of course) and veterans like Ray Lewis and Chris McCallister will continue to deteriorate.

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