Must See TV In Beijing

If you like the Summer Olympics, and I mean really like the Summer Olympics, do we have a treat for you. The different networks of NBC Universal will offer 3,600 hours of coverage from Beijing during the 16 day event.


That’s a ton of beach volleyball.


At least one network from NBC Universal will air coverage from the Games next month at any point over the 16 day period. If you can’t find a HDTV to cozy up near, try Offering streaming live coverage of every event, everyone now has a distraction at their cubicle for two weeks in August.


Printing out the coverage map for the Games, (all 65 pages of it) I bet you never knew that the Air Rifle Gold Medal Final of Women’s Shooting was such a big deal.


The most impressive part of the Beijing experiment with NBC – all the premier events of the Games (Swimming, Gymnastics, Track & Field) will place their gold medal competitions in Prime Time on the East Coast. This means that Michael Phelps, Katie Hoff and others will swim at 9:00 in the morning for a gold medal. I’m not exactly sure if the Olympic creed picked up an amendment of “Thou must show the finals live with Bob Costas” in the past few years.


Whether you like baseball or badminton, the fine folks at NBC Universal certainly understand that everyone enjoys a variety of sports. I’ll make sure to see y’all for my live blog of the Ukraine/Canada Men’s Water Polo match at the midpoint of the Games.


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  1. Brilliant!

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