Boston Massacre

Rarely does a sixth game of a World Championship in any sport look this easy.


In a series where leads were squandered like amateurs throwing money away at a blackjack table, the Boston Celtics kept their heads and got a trophy in the process on Tuesday night in Massachusetts.


The Celtics won as a team. Ray Allen and series MVP Paul Pierce both poured in 26 points, Rajon Rondo took an eye popping twenty shots and finished with 21 points. Oh, and series MVP Paul Pierce only needed to knock in 17 points in the epic win by the Celts. Boston played like David Banner at the Banknorth Garden in Game Six. The Lakers don’t like them when they’re angry.


With the Los Angeles Lakers imploring the optional defensive look throughout the entire playoff season, it’s not a surprise that the entire team caved at the precise moment when the needed to shine. L.A. looked flat, confused and downright average. Kobe Bryant put up his usual outstanding box score line – but no one else followed. Pau Gasol appeared softer than a roll of Charmin. Derek Fisher never got an open look and acted unselfish at the exact moment that he had to take the shot.


At the start of the 4th quarter of the Lakers historical collapse in game four in Los Angeles, head coach Phil Jackson said that momentum was a fickle lady. On Tuesday night, she acted like the girl who never showed up for the Lakers blind date with destiny. The Celtics, combined with their raucous crowd, courted this magical force by the end of the first quarter. At the end of the night, everyone in Boston got a ring.


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