Searching For Natalie Gulbis

If it’s going to happen, it must happen this week.


Here’s the plan, as of now. I drive up to Bulle Rock Golf Club in Havre de Grace and “accidentally” bump into LPGA golfer Natalie Gulbis.


Currently, I need some help with the rest of the plan.


If you don’t know anything about Gulbis, I’ll give you a few minutes to do a simple Google search. See, wasn’t it worth it? One of the sexiest athletes in the history of the game (this is based on science, people. I’m pretty sure Maxim or FHM had a “survey” on this), Gulbis finally broke through into the win column at the Evian Masters in France. Seriously, the Evian Masters is a solid golf tournament for anyone to pick up a trophy, much less a touring pro known more for her body than her game.


Sliding down to 46th position on the LPGA money list, Gulbis certainly doesn’t need to rely on money earned at tournaments for the majority of her income. With sponsors like MasterCard and Amstel Light, odds are that this Las Vegas girl could rent out the entire top level of the Palms resort on a whim.


So, the big question remains. Is Gulbis in the spotlight solely because of her looks or does she actually have some game to back up all the hype? If you visit her official website, the first thing that pops up on the main page shows Gulbis at Fashion Week in New York City. They usually don’t talk about fairways and greens on the multiple runways in Manhattan.


On the other hand, Gulbis plays her best in match play competition – a rareity on any professional tour. Handling the immense pressure of the Solheim Cup on two occasions, Gulbis stowed the sex appeal and showed off the short game.


While it’s unfair to compare Gulbis to Anna Kournakova – Natalie actually won an event – the two play the same game in different sports. Both spend more time on photo shoots than practice areas. Does that bother anyone?


I’ll make sure to ask Natalie this week.


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