Kyle & The Monster Mile

I hate Kyle Busch.


I can’t stand his goofy looking smile, his sparse use of verbs in sentences or his inability to look relaxed after a victory. Most of all, I hate that he wins.


Here’s the paragraph in the blog with the impressive statistics Kyle has accrued so far this season. Busch has the most wins in the Sprint Cup Series, leads the series with the best driver rating and average finishing position. Busch currently co-leads the Nationwide Series with four wins and sits within 100 points of the points lead in that series, while having the best driver rating in NASCAR’s undercard division. But wait, there’s more. Kyle has the best driver rating in the Craftsman Truck Series and took two checked flags in the limited schedule so far for that series.


How can anyone dislike this guy?


Slowly, Kyle and his crew continue to drain the fun out of NASCAR. It’s not enjoyable when the same person wins on a constant loop. Perhaps the current crop of NASCAR drivers aren’t as good as those a few years ago, where parity reigned and there wasn’t a dominant superstar that ruled all three platforms of the sport.


Busch won by about five seconds at the Monster Mile at Dover International Speedway on Sunday afternoon, blowing by Carl Edwards and the rest of the field. On a short course like Dover, it’s unusual that someone would glide away from an alleged even field to control a race like that.


If you want to call me envious of his dominance of the sport, you’re probably not far off. I’m sure that I am. I just want to watch a race without hearing Mike Joy say that “Rowdy” Busch is running up front.




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