Giving A Flip About North Carolina

Five years ago, in a postgame interview after his Kansas team lost in the championship game to Syracuse, Roy Williams gave the most memorable interview in the history of college basketball. CBS Sports sideline reporter Bonnie Bernstein questioned if Williams will move from Lawrence, Kansas to Chapel Hill, North Carolina in the off-season.


Let’s just say Williams didn’t want to hear that question.

Saying that he didn’t give a flip what anyone thought about his coaching future, Williams understood why Bernstein asked him the question. Williams went onto say that he loved this Kansas team and was still in postgame shock mode after a crushing loss in the national final. Then Bonnie went to the well again and asked Roy the question again.


Most of you know what happened next. Williams made it clear that he didn’t really care for the Tar Heels at that point in time. If you don’t believe me, you can watch the video on You Tube. This may explain why Bernstein left CBS and why that network refuses to use sideline reporters for the majority of its games.


Naturally, Roy did give a hoot about Chapel Hill and took the North Carolina job almost immediately after that interview. Winning the title in 2005 with UNC, Williams cemented his coaching status as one of the outstanding coaches in the history of the game.


But can he be a legend?


If you think of a list of the outstanding leaders in the history of James Naismith’s glorious sport, you will think of names that have won more than one national championship. Wooden. Knight. Krzyzewski.


Even with all his accomplishments as one of the best active coaches in the game, Roy Williams still only has one shining moment. In order to be remembered as one of the great coaches in college basketball, he needs to cut down the nets at the Alamodome in San Antonio on Monday night.


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