Karma Catches Up To Colts

I doubt that the Indianapolis Colts public address announcer can say the following at the start of the inaugural game in Lucas Oil Stadium next season:

“We’d like to remind you that the Colts hold a long standing tradition of the most polite fans in the National Football League. Please make sure to honor this tradition during today’s game and do not hesitate to see your usher if you have any problems.”

In the last play of the third quarter at the RCA Dome on Sunday, San Diego’s Phillip Rivers found Darren Sproles for a 56 yard touchdown to put the visiting Chargers up by 4 points in the AFC Divisional playoff game against Indianapolis.

Following the end of the quarter, the winners of the NFL’s Punt, Pass and Kick competition took to the field to receive their five seconds of fame on network television. Let’s just say this wasn’t the best time for anyone wearing a New England Patriots jersey to be recognized in the city of Indianapolis.

14-year-old Anna Grant, the winner of the contest in her division, received more boos than Phillip Rivers on Sunday. Representing the Patriots, Grant felt the wrath of a crowd that knew their club was in trouble.

Still, why would you boo a young girl?

Anna didn’t miss a block like most of the Indianapolis offensive line on that screen pass to Sproles. Anna didn’t fumble away a drive early in the game, like Colts wide receiver Marvin Harrison. Anna didn’t play an inconsistent second half at home in the playoffs.

She just stood there, understood why the classless crowd booed her and laughed it off.

How cool is she?

Acting more mature than the 70,000 fans inside the dome, Anna mimicked Tom Brady on the road. She won. Indianapolis lost.

Here’s a reason not to hate New England when they host San Diego in the AFC Championship on Sunday: Anna gets five tickets to the game and a pregame ceremony on the field to honor her accomplishments.
NFL Playoff Picks
Wild Card Weekend: 1-3
Divisional Weekend: 3-1

AFC Championship – San Diego 21, New England 17. They have to lose at some point this season and we are running out of weeks.

NFC Championship – Green Bay 42, New York Giants 10. In a game that’s never close, the combination of Favre and Grant lead the Packers to the Super Bowl.


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