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Two years ago in the Rose Bowl, Texas and Southern California hooked up for one of the best college football games in the history of the sport. Vince Young carried the Longhorns on his back en route to a last second rushing touchdown and a three point win in Pasadena that gave Mack Brown tenure in Austin, Texas. Remember how thrilling that game played out? Two of the best college teams in history going the distance for one of the defining moments of our generation. Everyone remembers Young holding the national championship crystal with streams of confetti in the background.

It was pure magic.

So, who’s psyched about tonight’s game? Anyone? Calling my brother yesterday afternoon during the NFL wild card playoffs, I asked him who he liked for the title game between LSU and Ohio State.

“Oh, that’s tomorrow?”

And this is a guy who never misses a game.

Drawing a lack of interest from anyone outside of the cities of Columbus and Baton Rouge, the BCS title game looks like an outdoor ice skating exhibition in August – why bother?

The Buckeyes enter the game with a number one ranking in the weakest BCS conference. Acting as the home team only on paper, they must deal with a Superdome full of LSU fans eager to win championship number two this decade for the Tigers. Expect the Tigers to shell the Buckeyes in an uninspiring 31-13 final score from Louisiana.

College football fans deserve a lasting image from this crazy season. Let’s hope we get one tonight.
NFL Divisional Selections
(Wild Card Weekend Record: 1-3)

Green Bay over Seattle
Dallas over N.Y. Giants

New England over Jacksonville
San Diego over Indianapolis


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  1. Really, 1-3 in the Wild Card weekend?? Who are you Bill Simmons??

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