Stop Acting So Perfect

Only 11 teams are left to accomplish the dream of every pro football fan outside of the northeast: beat the New England Patriots. For the second time this season, the undefeated and untied Patriots get a week to rest. I think they’ve earned it. Beating the New York Giants on the road in one of the more thrilling regular season games in the history of the league, New England set individual and team records in the Meadowlands. In order for the Patriots to finish with an unblemished record, they must win three more games.

It won’t happen.

Not a shot.

Remember this blog entry a month from now because I am the type of person to tell you that I told you so.

In the divisional round of the playoffs, the Patriots could face either the Tennessee Titans, Pittsburgh Steelers or Jacksonville Jaguars. If you skip ahead to my selections you’ll see that I’m going with the Steelers to beat the Jags. In this scenario, Pittsburgh would travel to Gillette Stadium for a Saturday night matchup with the Patriots. Losing to the Patriots in week 14, Pittsburgh didn’t have a shot to beat New England thanks to pre-game trash talking. A general rule of thumb: don’t poke the bear with a stick. (Special shout out to television director Andy Clemens on that line.)

Coming off a bye week in week 11, the Patriots embarrassed Buffalo with a 46 point win in upstate New York. They actually use a week off to prepare for the next game. Pittsburgh would enter the divisional round with three losses in five weeks and a running back by committee system after the injury to starter Willie Parker.

The Steelers also start the playoffs in a situation very similar to their Super Bowl run two years ago. Pittsburgh lucked into the number six seed and proceeded to win three road games and the title game in Detroit against Seattle.

Is New England the best team we’ve seen in a decade? I’m not so sure. We’ll start to answer the question next Saturday night. After all, everyone has at least one flaw.

Wild Card Selections:

Washington over Seattle
Tampa Bay over New York Giants

Pittsburgh over Jacksonville
San Diego over Tennessee


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