Is The Juice Worth The Squeeze?

Producing a total of 87 different blends of juices, the Minute Maid company considers itself the leading juice company in the United States. Buying the naming rights to the Houston Astros stadium a few years back, Minute Maid now walks into a timely joke. A day after Miguel Tejada lands in Houston after the biggest trade of the off-season, the former Oriole ends up on George Mitchell’s steroid list. Yup, Tejada was juiced.

One dozen of names in the soon-to-be infamous report, Tejada now must make his introductory remarks to his new teams under a cloud of suspicion. That’s a little different than his arrival four years ago in Baltimore.

When the O’s made the move for Tejada in 2003, he was a season removed from winning the American League MVP award with Oakland. Putting up his most productive season of his career in his first year with the Orioles, Tejada hit over .300 with 34 homeruns and an eye popping 150 runs batted in. Over the next few seasons, Tejada’s average hovered around .300 while his power numbers and defensive play dropped to new lows. The Orioles never got what they paid for from the shortstop.

Using the off-season as his time to vent about why he wanted out of Baltimore, Tejada made many trade demands in his short time at Camden Yards. During Rafael Palmeiro’s steroid saga in 2005, Tejada’s name was linked to a laced B12 shot that the shortstop reportedly gave Palmeiro. Tejada never missed a game in the midst of that crazy summer at Oriole Park, something he might not be able to say with his new team.

At a news conference on Wednesday, Houston general manager Ed Wade didn’t duck any questions about the Mitchell Report. Responding to a question about the timing of the deal so close to the release of the report, Wade quipped “Barnes and Noble didn’t send me my advanced copy.”

In retrospect, he probably could’ve used it.


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