A Long December

Even if you didn’t take an advanced form of mathematics in college, you don’t need me to tell you that the Ravens have no shot of playing football in January. Free falling faster than a Tom Petty song, Baltimore’s franchise continues to play its worst in the most difficult part of a troubling season.

With seven consecutive losses and a 4-9 record in last place of the AFC North, the defending division champions face the worst team in football this Sunday in south Florida. Don’t expect to see Jim Nantz and Phil Simms in Miami this weekend – it’s not exactly the marquee matchup in week 15.

Both teams spot an 0-5 division record, with the Ravens going 1-9 in conference play. Since the Dolphins have zero wins on the season they are 0-9 in the AFC. At a time of the season where most retailers would toy with the idea of closing up their shops early on a Sunday, you’d expect quite the opposite this year. The only blitz in the Baltimore area this weekend will happen with a potpourri of credit and debit cards at Towson Town Center.

It’s difficult to guess how the Ravens will come out of the tunnel at Dolphin Stadium on Sunday. Will they rally and play for pride or tank against the Dolphins?

Right now, no one in Baltimore seems to care.

All they want for Christmas is Playstation 3.


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