Aw, Nuts

I want to hear from Maryland football fans over the age of 50 on this one. Can you believe that your football team will play its postseason game in a baseball stadium sponsored by a company that produces snack foods? Facing the Oregon State Beavers a handful of days after Christmas, the Terps will suit up at AT&T Park in the Emerald Bowl.

This ain’t the Rose Bowl.

If college football teams received grades at the end of the season, the Terps would get a C+. They beat two top ten teams and made a mid-level bowl game once again. On the flip side, Maryland lost three very winnable games and probably could’ve make a New Year’s Day bowl game if they finished the season 9-3. Its too bad that “shoulda, woulda and coulda” aren’t statistics in the overall standings.

The Terps finally found a solid quarterback this season in Chris Turner. Filling in on the road at Rutgers, Turner beat the 10th best team in the country at the time and solidified his role as the starter. Around for two more seasons, the Terps P.R. staff can already start the campaign next season : Watch Turner Find The Burner. That’s Darrius Heyward-Bey, who can increase his NFL stock next year as he looks to pump up his 2008 numbers after his breakout season this year at Byrd Stadium.

With a shot to do great things next season, Maryland could easily compete for the ACC title in 2008. Right now they just need to enjoy the nuts in San Francisco.


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