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Extending a virtual handshake and appreciative nod, I’d like to welcome you to my new blog with the clever title “A Dash of Dachille” on the wbaltv website. Unless you know me personally or recently took a tour of the station, you probably have no idea who I am.

So why do I have a blog? Well, I really don’t have a great answer to a question that I just threw out. Still, I hope to entertain and sometimes provide a dash of information in this blog. Every post will try to bounce around from the world of sports to topical events to a look “behind the scenes” at a television station.

That being said, I’d put the over/under number of my blog lasting around six months. Place your bets now.
So, it looks like the New England Patriots are pretty good, huh? With a perfect 11-0 record entering a week 13 exhibition game against the Ravens, the Patriots only have a pair of true tests before the end of the regular season. On December 9th, the AFC North leading Pittsburgh Steelers travel to New England in the best game on paper for the rest of the season. If the Patriots get by the Steelers, they finish up against the New York Giants on a Saturday night.

Watching the exciting 31-28 win over Philadelphia on NBC’s Sunday Night Football, the Patriots didn’t have that look of the most dominant team of all-time. OK, they still won the game and they remain undefeated in a league that thrives on parity. On the other hand, New England looked beatable for the majority of the game against the Eagles. If quarterback A.J. Feeley doesn’t go for the homerun ball near the end of the fourth quarter and plays time management football, Philadelphia probably wins the game.

The biggest obstacle the Patriots face in the next few weeks to join the 1972 Dolphins among the ranks of undefeated teams comes with the pressure of living up to the expectations of being perfect. As the rock group Dashboard Confessional sings in the song “So Beautiful,”

“Careful now,
You’re so beautiful
When you’ve convinced yourself
That no one else is quite as beautiful.”
New England needs to not believe the hype that they are a team of destiny, mostly because all 32 teams in professional football feel that they are destined to win the game every week. The only difference between the Patriots and the rest of the league?
So far, they find a way to win each and every game.

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